Combining Finance and Web Design

I’m Kris, a frontend developer, designer, and soon to be CFA charterholder. I combine my skills in design and development with my knowledge of finance and business to create useful things.

Check Out Some of My Work

Check Out Some
of My Work


EZPayNow's new branding site was designed for conversions. The value proposition and features are clearly presented, the call-to-action button is prominent, and the use of color is deliberate. EZPayNow's backoffice was redesigned from the ground up. It is now easier to edit data, navigate, and to understand the function of each page. I also introduced SASS and BEM to make the CSS easier to read and edit.


The redesign of EZBillNow was focused on creating a clear message. EZBillNow offers services that were initially hard to classify and group together. I thoroughly considered the business model to create a layout that presents the company's services in way that is clear and compelling.

JH Properties

JH Properties needed a website that communicated its specialty without ignoring its variety of skills. Each project the company receives is different, so a list of features would not make sense. Instead, a short letter explains what the company does, and requests for subcontractors or architects to call or email about projects of any size or complexity. This approach is consistent with the high-contact nature of construction.


While working as a research analyst, I was part of a team gathering economic data and writing about it. This data became the content for reports on the economic health of the local area. I proposed that I can also design the reports. I was able to win the trust of my boss and the team, and delivered high quality, professional reports that people wanted to read.

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